Ceux qui marchent dans l’obscurité

de Hanokh Levin

Traduit de l'hébreu par Laurence Sendrowicz

Avec le soutien de la MAV


  • Pays d'origine : Israël
  • Date d'écriture : 1998
  • Date de traduction : 1998

La pièce

  • Genre : Nocturnal fantasy - Tragicomedy
  • Nombre d'actes et de scènes : 7 chapitres - 36 scènes
  • Décors : multiples
  • Nombre de personnages : 35, dont 19 homme(s) et 7 femme(s)
  • Création :
    • Période : mai 1998
    • Lieu : théâtre municipal de Haïfa - Israël
  • Domaine : Dani Tracz Mapa (Tel Aviv)
  • Lecture publique :
    • Date : 04/12/1998
    • Lieu : théâtre International de Langue Française - Paris



Three characters wander through the night, pretending to know where they are going and why they are going there. During their nocturnal ramblings, they drag around their incarnate thoughts, their deaths and dying moments, which meet their doubles and call out to the Narrator (who is powerless) and God (who never answers).

Regard du traducteur

This is a work that successfully weaves black humour with absurd ribaldry.
Hanoch Levin's main themes - death, the insignificance of life, desperation and helplessness - are dealt with in a manner more fanciful than that found in his earlier works.
The on-stage personification of 'thoughts' is a stroke of theatrical inspiration that offers moments of real comedy and originality, particularly since these are far from metaphysical thoughts. The overlapping genres swing nimbly between poetry, emotion and triviality.
A play that carries all the tragic humour of a long night of aimless wandering.