Révolution avec chien

de Tim Krohn

Traduit de l'allemand par Eric Leroy du Cardonnoy

Avec le soutien de la MAV


  • Pays d'origine : Suisse
  • Titre original : Revolution mit Hund
  • Date d'écriture : 1998

La pièce

  • Genre : Tragicomedy
  • Nombre d'actes et de scènes : 1 acte - 25 scènes
  • Décors : Salle de réception d'une brasserie
  • Nombre de personnages :
    • 5 au total
    • 3 homme(s)
    • 2 femme(s)
  • Création :
    • Période : 1998
    • Lieu : Schauspielakademie Zürich
  • Domaine : protégé


Cette traduction n'est pas éditée mais vous pouvez la commander à la MAV


Peter, a private businessman from the GDR, is about to marry his cousin, Margarete, from the FRG, so as to extend his business westwards. But the changes which take place in his country in the autumn of 1989 make him indecisive. Wanting to get onto the central committee, he chooses to back out of the marriage. Ten years later, all his friends have become financially successful, except him

Regard du traducteur

The play is made up of original extracts and authentic documents of the time: the collage effect makes it possible to set different points of view and different realities side by side. These create distance in the reader with regard to the plot of the play and to History. A satire of the collapse of a political and economic system. A record of the impossibility of revolution in an organisation dominated, when all's said and done, by capitalist structures. The satire is carried across in the language and the style, which makes use of all levels of language, in order to highlight the absurdity and futility of the situation (see the character of the solo presenter in his different roles) Towards the end, the satire becomes a parody of the FRG in 1999. There is an atmosphere of decadence, boredom and disorientation. In some places the language is weakened by hasty creativity.